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Fragrance Concentrates are the "concentrated" counterpart of a fragrance oil. Unlike fragrance oils which are often diluted with solvents and other additives; our fragrance concentrates are not! We manufacture in house the highest quality fragrances direct to the soap and candle-crafting industry to make fragrance oils! Our fragrance concentrates are of professional-quality.

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Fragrance Concentrates
Gemlite's Fragrance Concentrates This product is the concentrated fragrance component of a traditional fragrance oil. 16oz bottle (by weight) Fragrance oils for use in candles and soap are diluted with carriers and solvents. WE cut out the filler and our CUSTOMERS can cut out the middle man by ordering...
Scent Sample Pack
Many of you have expressed an interest in sampling Gemlite fragrance concentrates without having to invest in the purchase price of pound size bottles. Now you can evaluate our fragrance oils by purchasing a low-cost Sampler Set of 5 (0.5 ounce/half-ounce) bottles of ANY fragrance concentrate you choose....
$11.00 $7.99
FC Combo Sets
We've discovered that many of our fragrances go hand in hand with one another. These super compatible fragrances make great dual-scented candles or swirl soaps. Now you can get TWO of these fragrance concentrates, sold here together in our exclusive Combo Set at a amazingly reduced price! Save up to...
777 FC Jackpot Set
7 for 77 FC Jackpot Set (Order 5 FCs, Get 2 FREE!) Jackpot! Are you feeling lucky? Then try our 777 FC Set! Be a winner... take a chance on this fun way to shop and save! Select ANY FIVE 16oz Fragrance Concentrates and we'll give you TWO MORE 16oz FCs FREE! FCs chosen at random by Gemlite. BUY 5... GET...
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