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Fragrance Concentrates
Fragrance Concentrates
Product Code: FC-01
Brand: Gemlite
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weight: 17oz
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Gemlite's Fragrance Concentrates

This product is the concentrated fragrance component of a traditional fragrance oil. 16oz bottle (by weight)

Fragrance oils for use in candles and soap are diluted with carriers and solvents. WE cut out the filler and our CUSTOMERS can cut out the middle man by ordering directly from us!

Our Fragrance Concentrates are non-adulterated; individually formulated in-house to keep costs low to pass the savings and quality on to our customers. Use any of our concentrates to create fragrance products. Prices vary. View our Fragrance Descriptions here: Fragrances (A-Z) 

How to use FCs?
Tried and true commercial formulas: Every FC is different so you may adjust formulas to suit your application. Use it neat, like a traditional fragrance oil or mix with various materials to make a variety of scented products.

1. Basic Candle Fragrance = 50% Concentrate (FC) + 50% DOA (DiOctyl Adipate)
Add 6-10% candle fragrance to ~90% paraffin wax at cloud point to make candles.

2. Soap Scent
  = 50% FC + 50% DPG (DiPropylene Glycol)
Add 3% soap fragrance to 97% soap base to make soap. DPG makes the product more miscible in water.

3. Perfume/Cologne
 = 15% FC + 80% Ethanol (or Perfumer's Alcohol)  + 5% distilled water (optional)

4. Reed Diffuser Oil
= 40% FC + 20% Ethanol + 30% PM (Propylene glycol Methyl ether) + 10% water. -OR- just 25% FC to Reed Diffuser Base (sold separately)

5. Air freshener Refill
= 50% FC + 25% Ethanol + 25% DPG

6. Water-Soluble Fragrance
= 40% Concentrate (FC) + 60% Fragrance Modifier (sold separately)

Special Orders? 
For bulk discounts on Pail (40 lbs) or Drum (400 lbs)  Contact Us for details. See our: Scent Duplication Service for scent-matching or custom fragrances.

Includes: 1 (16oz bottle of Fragrance)

All Spice Almond Amber Anise Apple Blosson Apple Cinnamon Apple Rose Apple Green Apple Macintosh Arizona Rain Asian Fantasy Autumnal Spices Baby Powder Baked Spices Balsam Banana Banana Nut Bread Bayberry Beach Breeze Berry Bramble Berry Floral Black Currant Blackberry Blueberry Blueberry Floral Brandy Buttermilk & Honey Butterscotch Candy Cane Caramel Carnation Cassia Cedarwood Celtic Twilight Cereal Cherry, Black Chocolate Christmas Spice Chypre Cinnamon Cinna-Glazed Donuts Cinnamon Poached Pears Cinnamon Spice Cinnapear Citronella Citrus Spice Citrus Sunrise Clean Cotton Clean Pine Clove Cocoa Cocoa Cardamom Coconut Coffee Cool Summer Night Cotton Candy Country Spice Cranberry Creme Brulee Crisp Honeydew Cucumber Cream Cypress Gardens Delicate Lilac Dracula Drakkar Noir™ Type Eggnog Elegant Orchid Enchanting Apple Eternal Rose Eternity™ Type Eucalyptus Fancy Florals Fir Needle Fireplace Flower Tease Flowers in the Mist Flowers of the Nile Forest Air Fougere Freesia Fresh & Clean Fresh Air Fresh Lavender Cream Fresh Linen Frosted Lavender Gardenia Geranium Gingerbread Ginseng Gio™ type Grape Grapefruit Green Grass Harvest Hazelnut Coffee Heather Heliotrope Herbal Blast Herbal Citrus Holly Berry Home Sweet Home Honey Honey Buns Honeydew Melon Honeysuckle Hot Apple Pie Hyacinth Jasmine Jasmine Tea Lavender Lavender & Lemongrass Leather-New Car Lemon Meringue Lemon Spice Lemon Lemongrass Lilac Lilac of Persia Lily of the Valley Lime Linden Blossom Litchi Litsea Cubeba Lysol™ Type Magnolia Mango Mango Cucumber Mango Tango Maple Syrup Melon Tango Menthol Middle Eastern Journey Midsummer's Night Mint Mint Cream Mint Jasmine Tea Minty Lemon Moonlit Flora Musk Mountain Air Mulberry Musk Neroli New Mown Hay Northwoods Nutmeg Orange Orange Creamsicle Orange Juice Orange on Ice Orange Rose Blossom Oriental Dream Palm Passion Fruit Patchouli Peace Peach Peach & Pear Peach Berry Peach Petals Peaches & Wine Peaches & Cream Peanut Butter Pear Pear Raspberry Pearberry Peppermint Piña Colada Pine Pineapple Pistachio Pomegranate Popcorn - Hot Buttered Posh Peppermint Pumpkin Pie Rain Raspberry Rose Fresh Cut Rosemary Rosewood Rustic Citrus Sandalwood Secret Garden Spring Dew Strawberry Strawberry & Cream Sugar Cookie Summer Floral Summer Wine Sunflower Sweet Pea Tangerine Tornado Thyme Tiger Balm™ Type Valerian Vanilla Vanilla Cream Filling Vanilla Parfait Vanilla Petals Vanilla Rose Buds Vanilla French Vineyard Violet Vixen Watermelon Watermelon Crush Winter Snow Wintergreen Woody Vanilla Ylang Ylang
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