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Scent Sample Pack
Scent Sample Pack
Product Code: FC-02
Brand: Gemlite
Product Condition: New
weight: 6oz
$7.99 inc. tax
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Many of you have expressed an interest in sampling Gemlite fragrance concentrates without having to invest in the purchase price of pound size bottles. Now you can evaluate our fragrance oils by purchasing a low-cost Sampler Set of 5 (0.5 ounce/half-ounce) bottles of ANY  fragrance concentrate you choose.*

We encourage people to try our wholesale fragrances and have made it very easy for you to do exactly that! With this "PICK FIVE" Sampler Set, you'll soon learn why professional chandlers and soap-makers everywhere have embraced Gemlite for their fragrance needs.

Select any FIVE oils and click the "Add to Cart" button to complete sample order. Multiples of the SAME fragrance are not permitted.

Includes: 5 - half-oz Fragrance Concentrate samples in elegant Glass bottles
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