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 A - D (All Spice – Drakkar Noir Type)
All Spice Optimal blend of spices. A great blender with other fragrances.
Almond The most fragrant nut. Comforting nurturing aroma. Nutty scent similar to cherries though less sweet.
Amber Warm woody floral fragrance most highly valued by seafarer merchants over the ages. Elegant Musk.
Anise Powerful heavy spice of the Orient. Cheering, warm, spicy aroma. Warming narcotic aroma.
Apple Blossom Flowery, not fruity fragrance. A little balsamic. Great year-round aroma. Clean and Inviting.
Apple Cinnamon Delicious apples perfectly blended with spicy cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. Popular baking scent.
Apple Rose An optimal blend of apple and red rose. An elegant powdery fruit aroma.
Apple, Green The most popular flavorful crispy sweet fruit fragrance. Very appetizing, but don't eat it!
Apple, Macintosh Delicious red apple fragrance with a hint of green grass and sweet apple rind.
Arizona Rain Dry citrusy-floral aroma. As soothing and precious as rain in Arizona.
Asian Fantasy An optimal blend, which will bring your Asian dreams to life.
Autumnal Spices A perfect blend of spices, that will bring autumn to life.
Baby Powder Fond smell from your earliest recollections. Pacifying gentle floral aroma. Velvety Clean.
Baked Spices Clove, cinnamon, vanilla and spices from the oven. A seasonal blend of supreme spices.
Balsam Gently stimulating fragrance that opens up your spirits. Soft and spicy benzoin Vanilla-herb
Banana The most popular fruit worldwide. Sweet and warm. B-A-N-A-N-A Yeah!
Banana Nut Bread Sweet, delicious, fragrant and comforting without all those calories. AKA Monkey Farts.
Bayberry Essence of the bayberry fruit and bay leaves of that aromatic tree.
Beach Breeze Refreshing breeze from the ocean makes you happy.
Berry Bramble Black berries, blueberries, cherries, cranberries and strawberries.
Berry Floral Blend of all kinds of sweet berries and flowers.
Black Currant Cabernet scent from delicious berries of the European oasis plant. A great blender for feminine soaps.
Blackberry Heavy satisfying berry smell. Sumptuous and juicy with a hint of tartness. Try it mixed with Peppermint!
Blueberry Aroma that makes your morning muffins taste best. Sweet and kind aroma.
Blueberry Floral Bouquet of summer flowers with blueberry nuance.
Brandy Tasty fragrance for connoisseurs of the intoxicating beverage. Sweet with aged fruit nuances.
Buttermilk & Honey Appetizing home-inspired scent. Creamy mild fruit note with rich honey accord. Great Milk aroma.
Butterscotch Very strong and heavily buttery, just like the popular candy. Hot Buttered Rum.
Candy Cane Minty aroma of the Christmas confection. Fresh peppermint will fill the air with delight.
Caramel Very sweet savory smell of the burnt sugar. Like Creme Brulee.
Carnation Gentle fascinating scent of the colorful affectionate flower. Comforting.
Cassia Cinnamon of the Asian variety. Fragrance is more exotic and somewhat spicier than cinnamon.
Cedarwood Very woody indeed. The ultimate wood note. Earthy,dry and Masculine.
Celtic Twilight Eucalyptus, flora, lemon, sandalwood and thyme.
Cereal Continental breakfast cereal of grains, dried fruit and nuts with milk. Very popular. Good Morning!
Cherry, Black Ethereal fragrance of the bright red fruit. Beautiful and charming.
Chocolate Mmm. Rich Vanilla-based aroma blended with just the right amount of dark roasted cocoa. Chocolate!
Christmas Spice Balsam, basil, nutmeg, cinnamon and everything nice to boost your holiday spirits.
Chypre Timeless male fragrance - dry and masculine. Like Antaeus(TM), Giorgio(TM) and Aramis(TM) types.
Cinnamon Our best selling spice! Fragrance of bark of the tree. Warm, spicy, woody, balsamic. Nice.
Cinna - Glazed Donuts Cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla on sweet doughnuts. Think hot from the oven cinnamon rolls.
Cinna-Poached Pears Variety makes spice in life. Spice makes variety in pears. More Pear than Spice.
Cinnamon Spice Cinnamon with a perfect blend of spices. Classic.
Cinnapear Cinnamon flavored pears. More Spice than Pear. A twist on the classic Pumpkin Spice fragrance.
Citronella Fragrant oil from the tall herb synthesized. Purifying and vitalizing aroma. Mosquito be gone! Clean.
Citrus Spice Orange, lemon and bergamot with sandalwood, pepper and many spices.
Citrus Sunrise Lemony fresh with deep flower bouquet. A fragrance introduced to us by a customer. Bottled Sunshine.
Clean Cotton Clean cotton from dryer, so nice that people might even enjoy doing their laundry. Slightly aquatic.
Clean Pine Clean and fresh piney citrus. Great value! That's the power of Clean Pine, baby! No-fuel smell.
Clove Royal spicy smell of the buds, stems and leaves of the big clove tree, known as "King of Spices”.
Cocoa Smells like the hot Ho-ho holiday beverage. Is that a hint of marshmallow?
Cocoa Cardamom A toasty combination to warm your heart. Spiced just right with a touch of rich dark chocolate.
Coconut A refreshing tropical coconut scent will whisk you away to your own private island paradise! Strong.
Coffee Powerful scent without the caffeine. Black,no cream and sugar. Only thing missing is the donuts!
Cool Summer Night Cool night air calms your senses after a hard day of work in the sun. Just relax!
Cotton Candy Embrace the carnival spirit with this classic candied aroma. Candy Floss!
Country Spice Fresh blend of pepper, clove, rosemary, with a touch of citrus to spice up your life. A great Fall fragrance.
Cranberry Healthy cleansing red fruit from the bogs.
Creme Brulee Sweet cream on a vanilla base. Soft, Simple and Scrumptious.
Crisp Honeydew Honeydew melon with cucumber nuances. A great fragrance for soaps and lotions.
Cucumber Cream Creamy cucumber on melon, musk and vanilla base.
Cypress Gardens Garden of beautiful tall evergreen trees. An elegant earthy fragrance blend.
Delicate Lilac Lilac with fresh and green nuances, on a delicate white musk.
Dracula Secret recipe from Transylvania that makes your neck smell delicious. Fruity, masculine and cunning.
Drakkar Noir™ Type Concentrated imitation of the popular masculine cologne. Masculine Powdery Musk.
 E - K (Eggnog – Jasmine Tea)
Eggnog Spicy confection for Christmas,slightly spiked with a hint of rum. Creamy and satisfying.
Elegant Orchid It smells divine, so saith the Queen. A rare flower, a rarer fragrance. You must try it!
Enchanting Apple Apple amidst mythical flowers. An aroma from the pages of a storybook fairytale.
Eternal Rose The smell of roses, peaches and flowers linger on and on.
Eternity™ Type Imitation of the popular feminine perfume that smells like linden and lily with musk and vanilla.
Eucalyptus Penetrating minty fragrance of the Australian tree loved by the koalas. Purifying and invigorating.
Fancy Floral Potpourri of strong flower scents.
Fir Needles
Fir needle composition. More pleasant and subtle odor to pine.
Fireplace Cedar and pine burning in the fire give you the warm feeling of a comfortable home. Smokey-sweet.
Flower Tease Floral, citrus, cucumber and melon. I perfect combination to tantalize and tease.
Flowers in the Mist Spring flowers with peaches and fruits.
Flowers of the Nile Flowers, apples, peaches on musk and sandalwood base.
Forest Air Artful creation of clean fresh forest scent with oak moss, evergreen and wild flowers. Naturalistic aroma.
Fougere Oak moss and lavender type fragrances like: Polo(tm), Cool Water(tm) and Jazz(tm).
Freesia Fragrance of the flower of southern Africa that has become a hit in this country.
Fresh & Clean Zesty masking odor makes everything smell fresh and clean.
Fresh Air Cool and fresh perfume imitation, without alcohol. Breathe your earthly troubles away!
Fresh Lavender
Lavender, cream and vanilla. Does it really need anything else? A frothy floral fragrance.
Fresh Linen When diluted, smells just like fresh clothing. Fresher but less green than "Clean Cotton".
Frosted Lavender Lavender with eucalyptus and mint. Refreshing. Makes a great bathroom coverup.
Gardenia Long lasting fancy white flower that reminds people of a beautiful lady.
Geranium Soothing, mood-lifting and balancing floral aroma.
Gingerbread Gingerbread with just the right hint of sweet. You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread man.. fragrance.
Ginseng Secret of longevity in the Orient. Very expensive herb.
Gio Type Masculine fragrance very popular among boys. Aqua, cool.
Grape Nice blend of grapes and currants. You never knew produce off the vine could smell so good.
Grapefruit Bright citrus oil of natural grapefruit from Florida. Refreshing and cheering aroma. Fizzy and bright.
Green Grass Bright leafy fragrance that smells better than actual turf. Transforms a tight space into a grassy meadow.
Harvest Ripe grains and new mown hay fill the air with happiness.
Hazelnut Coffee Coffee with distinctive unforgettable aroma of sweet hazelnutty goodness.
Heather Most refreshing flower. A great blender for aquatics and feminine soaps.
Heliotrope If you like flowers, this is the deepest flower scent there is. Nuff said? You decide.
Herbal Fresh clean herbs with a touch of flowers. Invigorating essence.
Herbal Citrus Lemons and oranges with herbs. Herbal Citrus, a great soaper's scent.
Holly Berry Uplifting fragrance that brings Christmas alive. By gosh, by golly it's holly...and berries!
Home Sweet Home Baking oven and sweet spices in the air make you feel at home.
Honey Rich sweet satisfying aroma of fruit of labor of the honeybee. Powerful aroma, rich and strong.
Honey Buns Buns with honey, apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla from bakery.
Honeydew Melon The sweetest of all the melons. Juicy, smells many times stronger then the real thing very crisp.
Honeysuckle Prolific ivy flowers that can be smelled from a mile away.
Hot Apple Pie Smells like the freshly baked food grandma's most proud of. Spicy aroma with golden buttered crust.
Hyacinth Elegant pretty purple and blue flowers. Fragrant, earthy and green aroma.
Jasmine "King of the Flowers" a majestic fragrance. Calming, relaxing, romantic. Unisex. A haunting floral.
Jasmine Tea Most popular aromatic tea of the Orient.
 L - Q (Lavender – Pumpkin Pie)
Lavender Often used in aromatherapy to nourish the spirit. Pleasant fruity floral with herbaceous undertone.
Lavender-Lemongrass The aroma of lemongrass wafts through a field of lavenders enhanced with lemony spice note.
Leather, New Car
Use this to make your car or leather jacket smell new. A great blender for masculine colognes.
Lemon Familiar fragrance of the yellow citrus fruit, without the bitter kick. Enhanced by a touch of bergamot.
Lemon Meringue Lemon, nuts and vanilla cream cake. Super appetizing.
Lemon Spice As fresh an aroma as you can get. A ginger lemon aroma.
Lemongrass Lemon-like refreshing fragrance of the slender tropical herb. A cleansing aroma. Great bathroom cover!
Lilac Our most popular floral fragrance. Represents youthful innocence. Ah, to be young again!
Lilac of Persia Lilac and greens on a musky powdery base.
Lily of the Valley Gentle flower to represent purity. Also known as "muguet". Works well in aquatic/marine compositions.
Lime The greenest of all citrus scents. Refreshing and cheering aroma. Zesty.
Linden Blossom Fragrant yellowish flowers from the tree that is also known as "Basswood".
Litchi Highly praised juicy tropical Asian fruit. Energizing. Try it mixed with Watermelon.
Litsea Cubeba A plant similar to lemongrass but with an airy Eucalyptus kick. Clean and cool.
Lysol™ Type Smell of the familiar cleaning spray. Oh, you're home smells so clean!
Magnolia Showy colorful flowers from the great tree found all over the world. Haunting, earthy elegant flower.
Mango Soft, sweet and juicy tropical fruit served to the royalties.
Mango Cucumber Mango and cucumber, as the name implies. Makes a good Spa type scent.
Mango Tango Mango, citrus, peaches, musk, vanilla. Like a tropical smoothie drink.
Maple Syrup
Delicious syrup fragrance that is an uncanny resemblance of the Vermont delicacy.
Melon Tango Melons and citrus on musk base.
Menthol Literally the coolest of fragrances. Great for hot summer and hot tempers. a sinus blast! Whoa.
Mid-Eastern Journey Blend of frankincense, juniper, nutmeg and sandalwood. Will carry you on a journey to the Middle East.
Midsummer's Night Romantic and sensuous night amidst nocturnal flowers and fruits.
Mint Optimal blend of natural corn mint, peppermint and spearmint. Highly stimulating, vitalizing and cool.
Mint Cream Peppermint and orange with cream and vanilla.
Mint Tea Fragrant minty jasmine tea. It's Mint, it's Tea...It's Mint Tea. Very serene.
Minty Lemon Mint and lemon are great for summer afternoons.
Moonlit Flora Musk
Floral, citrus and peach on musky base. Nice fruity fragrance for soaps.
Mountain Air Green grass, wild flowers and blossoming trees fill the air with aromas in the Summer and the Fall.
Mulberry Delicate delicious red fruit of the mulberry tree.
Musk Synthetic version of the pheromone - endangered musk deer. Acts as a fixative in perfumes. Strong.
A tropical, deep, haunting, orange-flower aroma. A “note” in many suntan lotions.
New Mown Hay Fragrant smell of mown hay not contaminated by the farm animals. Reminds people of a golden harvest.
North country blend of green herbs, pine, cypress, citrus, wild flowers and musk.
Nutmeg Spicy woody herbal fragrance. Rejuvenating, uplifting and warming like a hug. A soft spice.
Orange Blossom This flowery scent smells more like rosewood than orange fruit. Similar to Neroli.
Orange Creamsicle Flashback to childhood with this gourmand vanilla citrus fragrance. Dreamsicle by another name.
Orange Great orange aroma aided by the natural oils derived from Brazilian oranges. Strong. No candy scent!
Orange Juice Our best selling citrus fragrance. Good masking properties. Uplifting. OJ, without the pulp!
Orange on Ice Orange, citrus cooled by peppermint.
Oriental Dream A mixture or oriental flowers, that will bring your dreams to life.
Prolific tropical tree brings you sunshine and beaches. Clear arboreal scent. A vacation in a bottle.
Passion Fruit Very fruity, very sweet, and incredibly delicious.
Patchouli The celebrated fragrance of the 1960s. Warm, mellow, romantic. Try it ya Hippie! A dirty leaf-like aroma.
Peace Flower gardens and sunshine. Happiness for humankind! A spiritual and meditative fragrance.
Peach Warm fragrance that reminds you of the juicy fruit from Georgia. Always ripe, sweet and never sour.
Peach & Pear As the name implies. Very compatible scents. Which came first the Peach or the Pear?
Peach Berry Peaches blended with an assortment of sweet berries.
Peach Petals Peach supported by bushels of flowers. Smells great all year round.
Peaches & Cream Peaches, cream and vanilla. Mmm. Like homemade Peach Ice Cream.
Peaches & Wine
Have a nice party! Another name for this peachy drink  is “Tipsy Gypsy”. A Wine Cooler *type fragrance.
Peanut Butter Almost smells like the real thing. A little goes a long way. More Peanut than Butter. Sweet.
Pear Sweet fruit soothe your throat and voice.
Pear Berry Blend of pear and all kinds of berries. A straightforward fruit blend. Smells delicious.
Pear Raspberry Pear softens the little harshness of the raspberry.
Peppermint The most popular kind of mint around. Put some Pep in your step!
Piña Colada The sweet pineapple and coconut milk beverage from the tropics. Sunny beaches and cool drinks.
Pine All natural masculine fresh cleaning scent from the most common tree in the world. Great for Christmas.
Pineapple Tropical mouth-watering juicy fruit. Golden, radiating and sweet. It blows your socks off.
Pistachio Fragrant and delicious nut. Wonderful Pistachios. Smells like the ice cream.
Pomegranate This fruit is starting to get more and more popular.
Popcorn, Hot Buttered
Hard-to-find fragrance of the most popular snack. Movies, anyone? Buttered just right.
Posh Peppermint An authentic peppermint accord forms the foundation of this joyous scent accented with vanilla.
Pumpkin, Pie Ripe Pumpkin notes, blended with sweet spices. Distinctive scent of a freshly made holiday pie.
 R - Z (Rain – Ylang Ylang)
Rain Blooming jasmine, lavender, lily of the valley and cascade of wild flowers in a Summer rain. Classic.
Raspberry Most people like this highly characteristic smell of the berry. Wild and delicious aroma.
"Queen of the Flowers" used by ancient Romans for the royal guests. Flower of choice to express love.
Rosemary The sinus clearing herbal aroma of rosemary. Brisk.
Rosewood Floral scent from the rosy red wood of a plant not related to rose. Strengthening and calming aroma.
Rustic Citrus A soft aromatic treasure blended with exquisite citrus notes.
Sandalwood Imitation of the most expensive wood scent.Relaxing, centering and sensual. A soft, yet strong aroma.
Secret Garden Secret blend of lavender, bergamot, muguet and ylang with persistent orris and sandalwood base.
Spring Dew Dew on beautiful bouquet of Spring flowers. Clean, fresh and pleasant. Makes a great air refresher too.
Strawberry The most popular fruit fragrance. Sweet, juicy and tempting.
Strawberry Cream Farm fresh strawberries mixed on a creamy background of vanilla. A decedent fragrance.
Sugar Cookie The aroma of vanilla cookies fresh from the oven! Try these cookies, sugar!
Summer Floral A medley of sweet summer flowers. Strong. Makes a great bathroom cover scent.
Summer Wine Wine ethereal mix of intoxicating summer beverages. Ethereal top note with an aged musky dry-out.
Sunflower Bright, sunny, golden flower perfume that smells stronger and better than the real thing.
Sweet Pea European flower of many colors. A customer wrote: "I adore this scent."
Zesty citrus, juicy orange, and energizing mint.
Thyme Mossy spicy antiseptic herbal fragrance. Pungent minty woody aroma. Cleansing, and energizing.
Tiger Balm Type Cooling and soothing. Great aromatherapy fragrance. Vapor rub. Ointment aroma.
Valerian Extremely strong smell considered obnoxious by most people. Base note. Earthy sour root aroma.
Vanilla This "Queen of Spices" is the most popular fragrance worldwide. Long lasting - Sweet perfection.
Cream Filling
Fluffy white cream, light and airy with a rich vanilla essence with a hint of spice to add depth.
Vanilla Petals Sophisticated floral fragrance substantiated by vanilla nuances.
Vanilla Parfait Creamy vanilla pudding with oatmeal crumble and whipped cream on a white musk background.
Vanilla Rose Buds A contemporary twist has been given to this blending of traditional rose and vanilla.
Vanilla, French The ultimate Vanilla scent. Creamier than plain vanilla. Mix with Leather for that New Car smell.
Vineyard The wonderful scent of grapes on the vine.
Violet So popular, they named the “color” after it. Hints of Iris and Orris.
A brew of apples, peaches, pumpkin and balsam in a musky base. Happy Halloween.
Watermelon Green marine melon-type aroma. True to life. Summertime aroma. This one's seed-less!
Watermelon Crush
Juicy slices of apple, orange and peach float within the watermelon essence. A fun Candy aroma.
Wintergreen Essence of the evergreen tree often used for medicine. Also known as: Checkerberry or Teaberry.
Winter Snow Take a deep breath of crisp, clean air that brings to mind the sparkling serenity of winter.
Woody Vanilla Vanilla with deep woody scent. Very long lasting.
Ylang Ylang Oil from flowers of the tall tropical Asian tree. A unique floral worth cherishing.