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MMB Solvent
MMB Solvent
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MMB a.k.a. 3-Methyl 3-Methoxy Butanol is a versatile fragrance solvent.

MMB is miscible with water in all proportions and practically non-flammable. MMB's low oxidation and linear evaporation make it the solvent of choice for air care. Previously used exclusively in the textile industry it's now making waves in perfumery circles as an excellent aroma chemical dillutant and fixative.

Dissolves stubborn grease and dirt from clothes by adding 10% of this to a cleaning fluid to make an excellent prewash spotter. MMB is clear to pale yellow liquid with a mild odor. 

By ordering this solvent you agree to be at least 18 years of age with a good understanding of cleaning solvents and the harms associated with using them. Do not use with Bleach! It is miscible with water, alcohols and most benzenes.

Available as sample or pound.

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Great Solvent for Perfume making
I found this product based on a recommendation from my perfumer friend. This works great in the making of some colognes. I love the fact that it's essentially non-flammable. If gemlite would just start selling aroma chemicals; they'd be my one stop shop! Thanks gemlite!
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