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Gurjun EO
Gurjun EO
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Gurjun Oil is also called as Gurjun balsam oil and is derived from rare Gurjun balsam tree. Gum and resin of this tree are processed under steam distillation for obtaining Gurjun Oil. This special tree of Gurjun has its origination from Malaysia and is widely harvested for its uses. It belongs to Dipterocarpaceae botanical family and is also a member of Sesquiterpenes chemical family.

Scent Profile:
Essential Gurjun balsam oil is clear free flowing liquid of pale yellow color. It emits fresh woody and spicy aroma which is sweet and refreshing. Pine-Nutty aroma.

Blend well with:

Mints, Vanilla, Jasmine

Non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing although it can irritate the skin if exposed to strong sunlight after treatment due to terpin content. Should be avoided in people allergic to evergreen sap/resins.

Flash Point:

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