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Fragrance Modifier Base
Fragrance Modifier Base
Product Code: GEM-EOFO1
Brand: G-Sol
Product Condition: New
weight: 28oz
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So... you want to make clear room sprays, water colognes or body splash but you don't know where to begin... How do you combine fragrance oil and water together without creating a milky, chunky mess that you have to constantly shake to keep blended? Believe it or not the answer is simple.

G-Sol™ Fragrance Modifier -- a proprietary surfactant blend that allows fragrance oils to mix in water via micro-emulsions. Using a 2:1 mix ratio. Fragrance Modifier Base enables you to take essential oils or fragrance concentrate and blend them with water while remaining clear. You can also use this product to blend EOs or FOs into water based shampoos, lotions, soaps, etc.

Our modifier does NOT contain Polysorbate-20; a common yet ineffective detergent known for making murky emulsions. G-Sol™ Fragrance Modifier is a non-sticky, non-flammable, odorless and low-viscosity additive that creates crystal-clear water-soluble fragrances with ease.

Available in:
Half-ounce (15ml) Sample. 16oz Pound or Gallon.

Directions: 2-parts G-Sol™ base to 1-part Fragrance. Shake then add water.
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