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Cinnamon Bark EO
Cinnamon Bark EO
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Cinnamon essential oil is extracted from Cinnamomum zeylanicum (also known as C. verum and Laurus cinnamomum) of the Lauraceae family. It is also referred to as Ceylon, Madagascar, Seychelles or true cinnamon.
For aromatherapy, it is said to fights exhaustion and a feeling of depression and weakness. It has powerful anti-rheumatic properties, is useful in the digestive system, while fighting colds and flu as well.

Scent Profile:
The aroma is warm, peppery, spicy, musky and slightly candy-like. Makes a good perfume top-middle note.

Blend well with:
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Caution must be exercised since the cinnamaldehyde and eugenol contained in the oil could cause irritation, especially to the mucus membranes, so this oil should be used with care. Due to the emmenagogue action of the oil, it should be avoided in pregnancy. High dosages can cause convulsions. It is advised that all Essential Oils be diluted prior to use.

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