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We discovered the many similarities between candle and soap making; and we received countless requests asking us to offer soap making supplies. That's why we're excited to now bring the same enthusiasm and service that candle makers have come to expect to the world of soap making! Enjoy our ever-growing selection of soaper supplies, specialty additives, oils and fragrances!

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DiOctyl Adipate DOA
Dioctyl Adipate. A general purpose cutting oil for fragrances. Add to facilitate wax mixing and to get a high-gloss look. Difficult to getcandle out of the mold? Try this. 1lb.
50% sodium hydroxide solution. Add this to oil to make your own soap. Corrosive caustic. Wear goggles! 1 lb.
Oleic Acid
Common additive found in many soap formulas. Makes soap bubbles stronger. The fatty component in most soaps. 1 lb.
Fragrance Modifier Base
So... you want to make clear room sprays, water colognes or body splash but you don't know where to begin... How do you combine fragrance oil and water together without creating a milky, chunky mess that you have to constantly shake to keep blended? Believe it or not the answer is simple. G-Sol Fragrance...
Benzoic Acid
Relatively biologically safe bactericide. Less than 1% is needed. Smells good to boot. White, crystalline flakes. 1 lb.
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