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Capsicum EO
Capsicum EO
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A Chili pepper blend. A hotly pungent variety of Capsicum was first cultivated by the people of Central and South America in around 3000BC. The oil is derived by passing steam through the seeds - the source of the most intense spice.

Scent Profile:

A harsh EXTREMELY SPICY warming aroma with noticible "taste" A stimulating scent that is very hot and spicy. Makes an interesting base note in perfumery. Dilute prior to use! 

Blend well with:
Orange, Jasmine, Anise

NOT to be used on broken or inflamed skin or near/around eyes. Use with EXTREME caution on face, skin flexures or other sensitive organs. A known allergen in some people. It is advised that all Essential Oils be diluted prior to use.

Flash Point:
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