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Vanilla Extract 10-Fold
Vanilla Extract 10-Fold
Product Code: EO-69
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weight: 8oz
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Ten-fold concentration of vanilla extract. Our Vanilla is extracted from Vanilla planifolia (a.k.a Vanilla fragrans) of the Orchidaceae family. Our variety is a ten-fold strength; this refers to the concentration of the oleoresin. Vanilla extract.

Color: Dark brown Viscous liquid. 

Strength of Aroma: Medium Aromatic Scent Vanilla

This product contains vanillin that will change the color in soaps and body care products. Avoid very high concentrations in skin care.

100% 10x Vanilla Essential Oil. This EO extract is becoming more and more rare. Enjoy natures most prized aroma! Bottles starting at $7.00 USD for 0.5oz. Perfect for aromatherapy, candle making or soap making. A little of this goes a long, long way.

Scent Profile:
A Dark, Rich, Vanilla Gourmand aroma prized throughout the ages.

Blend well with: 
Most Essential Oils

Flash Point:

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